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A Swiss couple agreed to babysit for their friend, who gave them some rather excessive instructions on how to care for the 6-month-old. In return, they Photoshopped a series of “worst-case scenarios” in order to send hourly photo-updates on how the baby was doing.







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August 12 2014, 11pm

✥ (I'm actually curious about Kelvic, and it doesn't have to be a shared backstory)

(I usually keep kelvic story to myself- but we’ll I don’t mind sharing UuU))

Alois von Fleischer was the son of a family that made a living in the butcher trade. He began taking the trade at the age of 12, and soon worked along side his father at 17. Within those years he discovered another side of his family he hadn’t previously known and explained the people from his hometown going missing. His family practiced in cannibalism, and researched their captives emotional responses to certain exposures of pain/joy/Stimulatives before turning them into packaged meats to not only be eatened by themselves, but also sold if meat were running low without the customers knowledge.

As he practiced he grew a love for both sides of the trade as well for his little niece; who lived with them after his sister passed from an unknown illness. Not caring for anyone else but his niece he spent his free time entertaining her while being sure to not feed the girl cuts of human meat- believing at the time that it made people go mad. Unfortunately once the war began his family was taken into custody (being of Jewish background) and Alois was offered a position with the Nazis to study those within camps. He took the offer but was horrified to see his niece dragged away. To this day he thinks of her and regrets the choice, wishing that he had another option. The only thing that had him adopt ivis was the fact that she looked and behaved similar to his niece.

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August 12 2014, 10pm

Your character has just won the angsty backstory lottery! Send me ✥ for a shared sad backstory/headcanon, or send in one of your own!


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